VIP Streams - How it Works

For the moment only VIP Audio Streams are available.

VIP Streamer

As a VIP Streamer you will earn invitations you can use to watch Paid Video Streams for free.

Applying for VIP Stream

Contact us via email lowdelaystreams [at], using our Contact Page or Lowdelay Streams Facebook profile telling us you want to apply to be a VIP Streamer.

Earning Invitations

The quality of your Stream and its Delay will be evaluated by us internally and by our VIP Members.

We will give you up to 3 invitations based on your Stream Quality and Stream Delay evaluation.

You can use Invitations to watch any paid video Stream.

Also being a VIP Streamer you have access to other VIP streams.

VIP Member

As a VIP Member you can access all VIP Streams for free.

To be a VIP Member you have to have a minimum of 25 € in Stream buys in previous month.