Paid Streams - How it Works

Stream Evaluation and Refund

To simplify the Streaming process we made some changes. Now there will only one Channel.

To acess the stream, you will have to pay it first. You can evaluate the Stream in the first 5 minutes, if you find that the stream doesn't fulfill your needs (quality or delay) just contact the Streamer via Private Message in the TeamSpeak and ask for a Refund.

  • If stream already started, you can ask for refund till 5 minutes after purchasing. Except after the minute 60.

The Streamer will refund you till the end of the stream, and the money will get back to your account. You will note in your transactions Refunded in bold red in type column.

Streams Page

In the Streams page you will see in front of the Stream details a Buy Stream link.

Clicking in Buy Stream will lead you to one of the following pages.

Purchase Page


Stream not Open for buys yet

After purchasing the Stream you are redirected to the Purchased Stream details page

Purchased Stream

Here you will have your unique link to open the Paid Stream Channel and where you can rate the stream.

If you find issues please contact us