Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions regarding how Low Delay Streams works and how to solve some issues you may have.

Versão 0.8 Funciona melhor com windows 10. Façam upgrade para o windows 10.

There's 3 situations you will ear only the stream.
  • It's a audio only stream - Please check the Streams Listing for information about stream.
  • You haven't installed the TSVideo plugin - Please follow How it Works page for instructions.
  • You have installed the plugin but can't see anything - Check the possible causes below.

If you have installed the plugin and everything went fine, but get black screen this may be the causes.

  • Are you using a VPN? - Some users face this problem when connecting via VPN. Try connecting without VPN.
  • Did you click "Join now"? - You need to connect via "Join now" to see the stream.
  • The streamer may not be streaming yet - Usually the streamer opens streams minutes before the matches. Please keep trying to connect.

Some users reported they only see a white screen. Till the moment we weren't able to identify what causes this issue. If you are affected by this problem, try doing the following:

  • Update graphics card drivers
  • Restart TeamSpeak
  • Restart Computer
  • Start Teamspeak before other programs
  • Check the antivirus
  • Check the firewall
  • Check if you have the latest windows updates
  • Check if you are using VPN